Dreaming after waking

      A few weeks ago I had a disturbing and yet intriguing experience. I was having a pretty typical nightmare—being chased by monsters, unable to get away, that old chestnut—when I suddenly woke up… but could still see the dream continuing on. I've heard of sleep paralysis and false awakening, and having experienced both can say this was completely different.

      Turning 20

      I recently turned 20; hooray for me! As nice as that would be, unfortunately it would only accurate in base 16.

      Fix for SharePoint 2013 and anonymous RSS

      I have previously written about an issue stopping anonymous users accessing RSS feeds with SharePoint 2013 when ViewFormPagesLockdown is enabled. While I managed to develop a work around for the client I was working with at the time, I completely neglected to write it up so others could benefit. What a rube.

      How LastPass autofills on Chrome for Android

      I had never really thought too much about how LastPass autofills passwords on Chrome for Android, but I found out something a little interesting today.

      Calendar Overlays with Managed Navigation

      I'm currently doing some work for a client to implement an intranet using SharePoint 2013, and one of their requirements is a simple calendar using overlays to colour code events.

      My own creepypasta moment

      Inconvenient AnonymousPermMask64

      I'm borrowing a commonly recurring phrase from Waldek Mastykarz's blog with my title, because the only other thing I could come up with involved expletives. Lots of them.

      SharePoint 2013 and anonymous RSS

      Update 2015/03/08: See this post for a workaround/fix.

      Cute feature IDs

      Useless tidbit: quite a few out-of-the-box SharePoint feature IDs start with "00bfea71"…

      Migrating to Prism

      I've dabbled my toes in the open-source pool recently by making some contributions to Prism, so I figure I should probably actually use Prism for syntax highlighting on this site, right? Right?

      SPFolder.WelcomePage throwing access denied

      I was developing a web part for a client which, given a URL copy/pasted from another source, had to resolve to the appropriate list or library item to display some information about it. While these URLs were obtained from another system, they were pretty well guaranteed to map to an item in SharePoint. Mapping the URLs is easy enough using either SPWeb.GetListItem (depending on the URL format), but it was also possible I'd be passed the URL of the web itself, which I would need to resolve to the welcome page library item. For example, given

      I'm a contributor!

      Over the past few years I've been primarily developing on the SharePoint platform, which typically means I'm working on an intranet. So for the most part, everything I've worked on has really only used by people who are already pissed off enough at having to use SharePoint, let alone some overpaid consultants solution that doesn't cater to everyone's personal requirements. No one really sees my work… I can't remember the last time I had a code review (in fact, I don't think I ever have, as a consultant or otherwise) – it generally just works, but I have no idea whether my code is good.

      SharePoint DateTimeControl and Labels

      I have been doing a bit of accessibility work for a clients public facing website recently. One of the key areas was ensuring the feedback form was accessible to users with screen readers, which meant ensuring inputs have appropriately associated labels (amongst other things).

      Working around GetDisplayGroup throwing "Specified cast is not valid" via PowerShell

      I ran in to an issue today trying to assign some scopes to one of the standard display groups (Search Dropdown) on a newly created site collection, and ran in to this little problem:

      [reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.Office.Server") | Out-Null

      How Dolphin Browser cost me $180

      Most of us have probably heard stories of people travelling overseas with international roaming enabled, and coming home to massive bills afterwards. Mine isn't quite that interesting, but it did happen within my own country (no roaming) while I wasn't even using my phone.

      My dual monitor alignment

      I have a bit of an odd configuration when it comes to dual monitor alignment that really catches people off guard. Most often when I see people with dual monitors, they arrange their monitors in one of two ways:

      Letters after my name

      Today, I received some letters after my name. I passed the 70-573, gives me my MCPD certification, hooray! Yes, I know, it's 2013 – why am I only passing my 2010 exams now? Simply put: laziness. Well that a fear of failing. How could I possibly go back to work knowing I'd failed an exam to demonstrate I can do the very thing I'm getting paid to do!

      SharePoint RTE and H6

      All blogs have to start somewhere, and after far too much procrastination, I'm going to start here…