Hi! I'm a software developer living in Melbourne, Australia, originally from Perth.

I started my career hacking perl and drag-n-dropping TIBCO at iiNet, before spending several years beating my head against the desk with SharePoint, and finally feeling at home with "clean" .Net. I try to squeeze as much JavaScript, CSS and HTML as I can. It's been at least a decade since I've had a personal site, and boy how the landscape has changed. So I'm certainly enjoying getting back up to speed with all things web. That seems to be changing on a weekly basis, so there's plenty to learn.

I enjoy running, dabbling in photography, catching up on my embarrassing lack of world travels, and most importantly spending as much time as I can with my amazing wife.

Having my own site is something I've wanted to do for a while, but procrastination and a lack of confidence in my web dev skills have stopped me. Well, no more! I didn't want to simply install a pre-built theme, I wanted something of my own. I had originally used WordPress, however I've moved to Jekyll for simplicity and trying something new, and because Ghost seemed way too scary.

I hope I can share some of the weird things I come across during my work and life that may be of some benefit to someone, somewhere.